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Signs that you may need help:

Test Yourself --

Use the following questionnaire for identifying
potential anxiety problems:

  1. Do you experience sudden racing of the heart, difficulty catching your breath, sweating, dizziness, and lightheadedness?
  2. Have you visited and emergency room or doctor in the last six months, fearing a heart attack but, upon medical Examination, no problem was found?
  3. Do you suddenly fear for no apparent reason that something
    terrible might happen?
  4. Are you afraid to either leave your home alone or stay home alone?
  5. Do you avoid either crowds or open spaces, such as shopping malls, parks, airports, train stations?
  6. Do you feel tense, anxious, and unable to relax most of the time?
  7. Do you spend much of your time worrying that bad things will happen?
  8. Do you get anxious when you are the center of attention?
  9. Do you feel you must get drunk or take tranquilizers before social occasions or performances?
  10. Do you either avoid restaurants or standing on line at checkout counters?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may be suffering from some form of anxiety.

If you are worried about any or all of these signs, please contact us for a full evaluation.

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